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About me
Ich bin verliebt mit dem franzözische Bekleidungsstil und Assymetrie. Ich verfolge street fashion und bloggers styles. In meinem Blog werde ich immer neuesten Outfits, Moodboards und Nachrichten aus der Mode Welt bringen.

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Blogger France Baby [interview]

This time I had a little chit chat with likeable Jitka, who´s been blogging about fashion, beauty and lifestyle on the address francebaby.cz. Read about her style, icons and blogging.

Hi Jitka, how would you describe your style?

Hello,  my style is pretty minimalistic. I stick to the rule less is more, but on the other way I always try to revive it somehow, so it´s not boring.

What does fashion mean to you? Do you express yourself with it, or it´s just about putting on something?

It´s mostly about me and my current mood. When I have a bad day, you meet me in nothing but sneakers, sweatshirt and boyfriend trousers. But when I feel great, I love to stroll in high-heels and something truly feminine. Fashion is a great opportunity for me to show what I am really like.

Sneakers or high-heels?

Definitely sneakers!

france baby interview 1

Do you have a fashion icon, which inspires you?

Lately, I would say it´s Kardashian sisters but I also like Miranda Kerr´s style.  

Who´s the best dressed man among celebrities?

Mmmm...probably Kanye West.

Do you read foreign bloggers?

Frankly, not so much. But I follow them on the Instagram, mostly Croats, they have great style!

france baby blogger

In what is online shopping better than in store shopping?

It´s about the things that are not available in common store, but you can get them online easily. Yeah, and you don´t have to sweat nervously in the fitting room.

Which brands are your favourite and why?

I like limited collections of adidas Originals. From the off-the-peg it´s New Yorker because of the bargain prices. Although many people remember it like a bad-quality clothing in neon colors, I think they´ve gone so far lately and you can dress up from head to toe here!

Why did you start with blogging?

I started because of the people who were telling me I have a great style. I bumped on some blogs on the Internet. Then I told myself, why won´t I try it either? It has been four years now.

france baby jitka

Photos: archive francebaby.cz

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