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Yves Saint-Lurent povedal: "The most beautiful makeup of woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy." Ak máš aj ty vášeň pre módu, vitaj v Brands24, budeme si rozumieť :)

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Delivery Service vor Weihnachten?

Just the last few days separate us from Christmas, the most beautiful times of the year. Do not let anything stress you and spoil this time. Order everything you need at Brands24. In addition to a great selection, Before Christmas Sale with discounts from -30 to - 50%, you not only save a lot of money but lot of time and stress as well.

All orders, received by 17.12 we dispatch immediately via GLS and deliver by Christmas. Later orders we will dispatch imediately but cannot guarantee before Christmas delivery.

All information regarding delivery during Christmas, online tracking of your order, you can find directly on the page of the GLS>


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