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Beauty is in the eye of what you see, therefore I will be happy to share with you my view of beauty and fashion.

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Finde heraus, welche Farben dir am meisten passen

One of the most common misunderstanding is that color typology is the same nonsense as horoscopes. While horoscopes are unscientific, color typology based on the physical laws such as reflection of light and color spectrum. Do you sometimes look tired and without energy? This may be due to the incorrect colors.

You can find out which color type you are very easily - by color of your lips, hair, skin and eyes. There are four basic types - spring, summer, autumn and winter. Spring and Autumn types are consider as warm, summer and winter as cold. This idea came from the USA and its author is Carole Jackson. 

Proper color can highlight your face and lips and light up your eyes and skin. Inappropriate colors will create quite the opposite - color mismatch. The imperfection of your skin can be more visible. You can even look older.

So what colors are ideal for you? Let's read the article and find out. We offer you a brief overview of the different color types. But you have to have one thing in your mind - you are an individual, so the result is not guaranteed. In short, if you are cold type, you should wear cold colors and other way round, warm types should wear warm colors

Spring type

Your skin is light or peach with gold reflections. Your hair are either blond with a warm tone and golden reflections or light brown with a yellow or red tones. You don't have any problem with tan, your skin is always pretty dark after it gets some sun kiss. You are looking at this world with light blue, grey or green eyes. When you spend some time in the sun, there often appears freckles on your face. You should wear light, bright, gentle shades of warm colors. Primary colors, which have a yellow undertone are suitable for you. Conversely, cool colors, such as dark green, deep blue, black and pure white don't look very good on you. Dark color suitable for you is navy blue.

Spring typeSpring type - suitable outfitSpring outfit - wrong choice

Summer type

You are summer type if you have very pale skin, which looks almost fragile. Your natural hair color is platinum or ash blonde, ash brown, rarely also darker. Eyes should be gray, blue, green, dark blue or hazel. Tanning is very difficult for you. Cool colors in shades of blue, off white, green, beige, raspberry and powdery pink, lilac purple and cocoa brown suits you the most. Black, gray, orange, yellow and green are taboo for you.

Summer typeSummer type - suitable outfitSummer type - wronge choice

Autumn type  

Your skin is naturally gold beige, in color of peach or ivory. You have chestnut hair color or brown hair with reddish reflections. You skin is studded with freckles. Your eyes are probably green, blue or brown with golden reflections. Your tunning is often difficult. Warm colors are definatelly the best choice for you. We do not recommend wearing black-and-white, blue and green color combination.

Autumn typeAutumn type - suitable outfit Autumn type - wrong choice

Winter type

Your skin is snow white, sometimes with a bluish tone and you have no problem with tanning. You have dark - dark brown or black with a bluish reflection. Eyes are ice blue, gray, dark brown or hazel. Winter type has several subgroups, but most most occuring are two - pale ice queen with dark hair or Southern dark-eyed beauty. Your colors are brightest and coolest of all types. You can wear almost every color which other types have to avoided. If you like pastel colors, lucky you, because they actually all suits you. Also combinations of black and white is right choice for you. Your types simply love contrasts! Warm colors are forbidden for you, it can make your skin look yellow. 

Winter typeWinter type - suitable outfit Winter type - wrong outfit

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