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Ich bin verliebt mit dem franzözische Bekleidungsstil und Assymetrie. Ich verfolge street fashion und bloggers styles. In meinem Blog werde ich immer neuesten Outfits, Moodboards und Nachrichten aus der Mode Welt bringen.

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Four reasons why we should wear high-heels

Yeah, sure. High-heels will probably never be as comfortable as sneakers. On the other hand, they provide several benefits, that sneakers can´t. Here are mine. 

high heels outfit

We look better in them

Don´t take it for granted. One high-heels can make a miracle. They don´t have to be super high to force us to stretch and improve our posture. What´s more, they optically extend legs and make our butt more plastic. In other words, it becomes an instant eye-catcher. If you have concerns about the clumsy walk (my case), train in them at home until you're entirely sure. It´s worth that feeling when you wear them publicly. Sexier, sensual and self-confident.

Men love them

If men have anything against wearing high-heels, it´s only that many women can´t walk in them (which is issue with very simple solution). Otherwise it´s still a symbol of attractiveness and erotic. I´m sure every guy secretly dreams about his sweetheart waiting in the bedroom in hot lingerie and pumps. Cinderella also didn´t lose ballerinas on the doorsteps. 

Why to wear high heels

They put your outfit on a completely different level

This morning, I stood in front of the wardrobe with absolutely silly dilemma. I wanted to wear striped oversize T-shirt, but I knew it will shorten my legs, deform silhouette a finally I´ll look like wearing some pajamas. When I don´t know how to solve such issues, I change my outfit or use a secret weapon – pumps. I believe many of us have some pieces that simply don´t work without high-heels. Am I right?

If you choose wisely, it´s not a torture either

Choosing the right height, thickness and angle is an art. Or rather physics? When one of these parameters doesn´t fit to your feet, the shoes become a miniature torture chambers. Therefore I use to invest into two or three pairs of quality high-heels, in which I can pace about all the day. Genuine leather is able to accommodate to your feet better than artificial. Sometimes gel pads and patches can provide some relief, but when the shoe simply doesn´t fit, it´s not a long-term solution.  

When you find the right ones, wear them as much as you can. Now you know why :-). 

keep calm and wear high heels

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