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Yves Saint-Lurent povedal: "The most beautiful makeup of woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy." Ak máš aj ty vášeň pre módu, vitaj v Brands24, budeme si rozumieť :)

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Hellooo ROXY

We are happy to welcome ROXY @ Brands24 :)

Born, in  1990. We are talking about Roxy, Quicksilver's daughter, who was born in the same waters of sunny Hawaiian beaches, the paradise of all the surfers. You do not have to neccesarily be surfer or snowboarder to wear ROXY. The Impuls for Roxy to be creates was the deficit of women  lifestyle, surf and art oriented products. These immediately met with great success.  Heart shaped logo gradually changed and became an integral icon not only in the world of sports but also in the fashion world. We have got also impressed by the lifestyle ROXY collection. These collections are full of sun, energy, summer feel and the atmosphere of the Hawaiian beaches.

Discover the Lookbook Spring / Summer2015 collection >>

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