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Beauty is in the eye of what you see, therefore I will be happy to share with you my view of beauty and fashion.

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Hüte sind immer chic

Hat used to be an essential part of any proper gantleman and women, especially those from higher society, who almost can't come out on the street without it. Small and big ones, with narrow or wide roof, straight or bented, straw and a lot more. If you are really ,, in love with fashion ", you know that this is only the beginning of a long list. Despite the belief that hats are now only an issue of modern aristocracy, it is becoming a part of ,, latest fashion trends ". Moreover, the great advantage is that you do not have to spend a lot of money on expensive clothes to look special and trendy. Only thing you need for reaching this goal is a lovely hat. There are so many shapes and colors. But what are the criteria of perfect matching hat? We are going to tell you.  

The most important parameters are mainly shape, size, style and color. When you consider the shape of this fashion accessory, it is necessary to take into consideration especially facial features. If it is gentle, avoid square shapes. On the other hand, if you have strong facial features, you should not choose too romantic models. Rounded face is ideal, but rare. If you have it, you can wear almost every type of hat. In the case you have long shaped head, you shouldn't wear hats with high corpus and narrow roof. Low corpuses and wide roofs do not suit to wider and shorter body types. You can regulate appearence of your body and face by choosing the right shape of hat.

Outfit with hat.

When you are searching for the appropriate size of a hat, firstly you should consider your the body structure. If you are short, big hats won't look good on you. In fact, it can makes you even shorter. On the other hand, taller person should avoid hats which are too small.

For the parameter of Style, there are no regular instructions. It simply has to be ,,yours" and suits with your style. However, also in this field you can find some suggestions. For example, when you have romantic nature, you should prefer decorative, glamour model. For casual types, simple and also sporting models with natural colors are the best ones. There are also lot of possibilities with extravagant elements for artistic and rebel types. 

The last parameter in this blog is the color. It is connected with your body type as well. Hat should perfectly match with your make-up, clothes, hair color and skin tone. If your skin is too light, darker colors are better for you. Tanned ones should prefer colorful and pale shades. By choosing suitable colors, you are able to highlight the selected facial features, look slimmer or even higher.

Just take this advices into consideration and you will be shining star of every places you visit. Hat is your guaranty of originality. If you want one, check the offer at FRESHSTYLESTORE >


SOURCE: www.supervizaz.net

photo sources: diva.aktuality.sk, zivot.cas.sk, highlife.sk

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