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We tell you what stands behind phenomenal success of Converse

If you have your favorite brand, you surely know that its popularity isn't just in good quality, but mainly in the story - HISTORY! We offer you a new today an storyline about huge phenomenon of 20th and 21st century, the brand Converse. You can find Converse sneakers also in our online fashion store Brands24. 

Boston Celtics team, 1965 and basketball players wearing Converse sneakers

We begin with the year 1908 when Mills Converse opened a factory named Converse Rubber Shoe Company in Massachusetts. In the beginning, the company produced rubber soles for all kinds of shoes. Since 1915, it started with production of sneakers. The first real success came two years later when owner decided to produce Converse shoes specifically for basketball. It was really bold and forward-thinking act, because basketball was relatively young at the time. It was only 25 years old. Converse shoes gave it a new spirit. The basketball offered them, in return, a lot of interesting ideas and elements. The second lucky move for the company came, when Chuck Taylor, famous basketball player visited the factory one day. He was complaining about sore feet. Thanks to that, he got a job, which consist of presenting Converse brand across the United States. The athlete worked for the company until his death and made Converse sneakers famous by wearing them as his favorite shoes. He soon became the face of the brand. Surely everyone knows the legendary logo - a circle with a star in the middle and signature of this guy. And Converse Chuck Taylor All Star was born!

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

In the rock'n'roll 70's, Converse sneakers have gained great popularity especially among fans of rock and punk. It happened especially because of bands the Ramones and the Metallica, but also thanks to singer Kurt Cobain from the Nirvana. Every faithful fans are surely aware of the fact that he wore it all the time. He and Converse shoes were unthinkable part of each other.

Kurt Cobain wearing Converse sneakers

Their success, however, was replaced by a period of failure. Relatively recently - in 2001, the brand went bankrupt. Fortunately, thanks to the changes in leadership, it gathered up again. Three years later the Converse company was bought by Nike.

Interesting is that original Converse sneakers used to be just all in black or all in white color. Their design hasn't significantly changed until 1949. The company only started to use new materials. Today, for example, you can find Converse made of leather or rubber. In 40's, it became the most popular footwear in USA, mainly among basketball players. Today they are so popular all around the world that there is supposedly sold one pair in 43 seconds. 

If you are waiting for your new Converse sneakers right now or just considering whether they are the right shoes for you, you can find is several options how you can wear it in our blog.


You can find Converse sneakers in our online fashion store Brands24. 


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