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Ich bin verliebt mit dem franzözische Bekleidungsstil und Assymetrie. Ich verfolge street fashion und bloggers styles. In meinem Blog werde ich immer neuesten Outfits, Moodboards und Nachrichten aus der Mode Welt bringen.

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Beste Badeanzug Farben für diesen Sommer

How does summer affect the colors we have in our wardrobes? First of all, it's nature, which is already fully alive. I the forty-degree melting pots we begin to dream of some refreshment. Sometimes it comes in the form of ice-cold cocktail, but often we at least try it with ice cold shades. When they highlight your summer tan, then you swept the boards. That's why the white color is the official queen of beachwear fashion. Neon colors remind plenty of holiday parties you can visit.

swimmsuit colors

These are my summer color loves, to which I return each year:

Coral: orange-red, that looks like coral reefs. Put it on the lips or wear this fabulous bikini by ROXY .

Gold: you can´t hide from it during the hot weeks. And you shouldn´t. It can work  pretty well with the sunrays, but don´t go all-in-gold, if you don´t want to look like Ferrero Rocher. I can image the golden swimsuit made ​​by Moschino with a white kimono, or a light cardigan and satin shorts.

Cyan: this is exactly the shade of blue that you can see on the roofs of white buildings in Santorini. They appear often on postcards and photos of tourists, so there´s no way you don´t know them. Combine the azure swimsuit Moschino with accessories that reminds you holidays in Greece.

Neon Yellow: No neons are not just for high school girls. On the contrary, you can see it more and more on elegant feminine models. If there is the right time to try it, it's definitely summer. These swimsuits from Moschino looks absolutely great on tanned skin.

White: this color and summer belong together like bread and butter. Maybe you can survive hot time without white swimsuit, but why would you, when it´s hundreds time better with it. Put on some small white and be ready for a date by the lake.

Mint: Pastel tones are a spring fashion matter, however, the mint is specific of refreshing and vibrant look. You can combine the ROXY bikini with flip-flops from the same collection.

All swimwear be ordered in FRESHSTYLESTORE offer.

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