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Beauty is in the eye of what you see, therefore I will be happy to share with you my view of beauty and fashion.

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Einfach superb [outfit]

Simplicity is the key. Bacause of it, we bet on black in this Gaudi outfit. The main part of it is a simple overall. You can wear it wherever - on date, on party or to work as well. Don't worry, if you are not tall enough. There is a simple solution for you - high-heels. Immortal combination of its colors, black and gold, gives them a luxurious and extravagant look. Add matching gold and black bag and you become unforgetable! Do you still think that something is missing in this outfit? Maybe you are right! It could be quite colorless for somebody and nobody wants to be invisible. That is why there is also yellow Gaudi jacket made of eco leather. It is a guarantee nobody is going to overlook you. Sometimes one significant piece can light up all room. 


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