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Beauty is in the eye of what you see, therefore I will be happy to share with you my view of beauty and fashion.

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Frei mit Roxy Overall [outfit]

What could be more comfortable and cool in the summer then overall? You no longer have to wonder what top and what bottom to wear! Purple Overal Roxy from spring 2015 collection is made ​​from 100% woven viscose. The white, geometric pattern give it neutral and casual look. Thanks to his looseness, it fits to every body type. Just add gray Roxy over-size cardigan, simple Roxy sandals, neutral black Roxy bag made ​​of high quality synthetic leather and your outfit will be perfect. If you are a detailist, surely you will be pleased that the inside of the bag is the same color and pattern as the overall. In addition, when you decide to wear this outfit, for example, to the festival, you have the eternal dilemma solved - where to hide documents and money. With Roxy wallet My eyes long, the problem will vanish. It is small, so you can carry it everywhere, but thanks to its spacious you are going to put there whatever you need. Do not hesitate and be free - with this outfit, enjoy will the freedom on the beach, out with friends, at work, at school, simply anywhere!

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Roxy outfit s overalom

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