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Yves Saint-Lurent povedal: "The most beautiful makeup of woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy." Ak máš aj ty vášeň pre módu, vitaj v Brands24, budeme si rozumieť :)

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Hot und heißer - Sommer Outfit Inspiration

Yeah, it's finally coming. We have all slashed the days in calendars during the cold winter, waiting for the first spring sunshine. Now, when temperatures reach tropical heights, nothing can stop us from a little waterside break after work or during weekends. But be careful. Every true fashion queen needs to be properly prepared for the summer season. Regarding deep peeling and depilation you should add fresh colors to your wardrobe pieces. Get inspired by the latest collection of Roxy , which is literally a beach fashion expert. The main role of these outfit play stripes and rich, vibrant colors. Shorts with navy blue print are must-have that you can combine and vary during the whole season. Loose cut is perfect for high temperatures. The blue T-shirt with light beige print is inspired by the exotic Taiwan. The great colorful beach  combo are these flip-flops and a bikini. They´re hot and comfortable either. Bandeau top includes thin stripes for adjusting the size. It is a trifle, which seduce all men within a kilometer. High-cutted pants extend your legs up to the heaven. What´s missing? The large bag, where you can put a towel and some snacks. So, now you´re ready. Put on a cool smile and enjoy a nice time.

Roxy Beach outfit

All these hot pieces are available  in our FRESHSTYLESTORE .



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