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Beauty is in the eye of what you see, therefore I will be happy to share with you my view of beauty and fashion.

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Unvergesslich Outfit Inspiration in Roxy Kurzkleid [outfit]

How to wear perfectly simple, sports ,, skater " Roxy dress and look like a diva? Actually, you don't need any complicated fashion creations to reach it. Just the fact that it is made ​​of quality cotton ensure comfortable and luxury visage. When you add denim jacket, which every real fashion lover has to have in wardrobe, your look will be unforgettable. Is ordinary denim jacket too ,,unoriginal" for you? In that case, Gaudi model, which is luxuriously decorated with a golden chain, is the right choice. The outfit is already perfect, it is just missing some accessories. But it doesn't mean you have to wear a lot of extravagant jewelry. Simple black sandals and spacious Gaudi handbag, both also decorated with the golden chain, are enough.

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Roxy Kleid wich gaudi Jeansjacke Outfit Inspiration

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