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About me
Ich bin verliebt mit dem franzözische Bekleidungsstil und Assymetrie. Ich verfolge street fashion und bloggers styles. In meinem Blog werde ich immer neuesten Outfits, Moodboards und Nachrichten aus der Mode Welt bringen.

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Urban Glamour [outfit]

Do you want to look elegant and feminine, but you´re on comfort either? In this outfit you achieve a perfect match. Replace everyday jeans with some dress. These asymmetric one are made by Gaudí and they can be combined in a million ways, according to the event. On a coffee with friend or on a date with Mr. Big put on black sandals with a gold chain. Denim is represented by a washed-of jacket in this outfit . Every detail is worked up. Beading with golden knit embroidery can´t be overlooked. Chaincraze is finished with the black handbag made of eco leather that reminds a sports bag a little bit. Don´t forget about the accessories. The fashion world is getting on its knees from the combination of metals in different colors. Silver with gold, or pink was fashion taboo until recently, now you can see them together on many bloggers and celebrities. If you, re still classy, try black glasses with gold accents that will be the icing on the cake ... I mean outfit.

All models are from FRESHSTYLESTORE >

elegant summer outfit

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