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Ich bin verliebt mit dem franzözische Bekleidungsstil und Assymetrie. Ich verfolge street fashion und bloggers styles. In meinem Blog werde ich immer neuesten Outfits, Moodboards und Nachrichten aus der Mode Welt bringen.

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Reebok Freestyle Hi Spirit Freestyle Pastel Pack [review]

In 1982 an unusual sneakers broke the market. Reebok, until then relatively invisible company launched a small revolution. Do you wonder what was so special about them? These were the first aerobic sneakers for women. Women were standing in a queues. It was such a big hit that two years later they made up half of the total sales of Reebok. The same cut works great also by the latest spring collection. The ankle cut includes two bands with velcro closure. Leather upper with simple lines is perforated on the top and by the sides. This makes your feet breathe in the summer and during sport activities. In this case, you´ll also appreciate very comfortable terry insole, which reduce the sweat and it is supercomfortable. Monocolor trend was transferred to the colored rubber sole and laces.

Undoubtedly, the best on these sneakers are beautiful pastel colors. Whichever you choose , you'll still be considered as a fashionsetter. Which one do you like the most? Mint, pink or soft yellow? The answer is clear, it would be best to have them all. And you know what? This is also possible. Your can order them in our FRESHSTYLESTORE. Click on the pink , yellow and mint .

Reebok Freestyle Menthol

Reebok Menthol

Reebok Freestyle Yellow

Reebok Pastel Pack

Pastel Pink Freestyle

Pastel Pink Reebok


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